Historical Timeline


The beginning – Nikolaos E. Manos, Fire Insurance Agent of Phoenix of HartfordPhoto: Nikolaos E. Manos Fire Agency Pass “1928”

ht 1885

Νikolaos E. Manos (1870-1947), was οne the first Fire Insurance Agents of his time representing the American Insurance Company “Phoenix of Hartford” during the great fire of the city of Thessaloniki in 1917.At a later stage in 1922 he represented the “Yorkshire Insurance Co” of London and finally in 1924 he was elected as president of the Hellenic Insurance Agency Union.Furthermore, Nikolaos E. Manos was elected twice as Major of the city of Thessaloniki in 1929 and in 1934.



The inception of E.N. MANOS Ltd by Emmanouil N. Manos.

ht 1955

Emmanouil N. Manos (1908-1981), establishes in 1955 E.N. MΑΝΟS Ltd in Thessaloniki – Greece.Emmanouil N. Manos, studied Mechanical Engineering in Lausanne (1927-1931) & further enriched his scientific background in the fields of insurance & expert fire evidence.His technical background, his ethics and the insurance knowledge & expertise gained by his father fire insurance agency gave him the boost to introduce to the market one of the first loss adjusting companies in Greece.He was the son of Nikolaos E. Manos (1870-1947) who was active in the Hellenic insurance market from 1895 to 1947.


Thessaloniki – The most devastating earthquake of 6,5R.

ht 1978

A great earthquake of a magnitude of 6.5R occurred in the 20th of June 1978 in Thessaloniki, which left behind numerous victims & significant property damages.E.N. MANOS Ltd dealt with the loss adjusting of numerous claims cases after Thessaloniki’s catastrophic earthquake that had one of the highest magnitudes in the 20th century in Greece.This major event enriched our company know-how with valuable experience & knowledge in handling losses caused by catastrophic incidents.



Athens, earthquakes 6,8R & 6,4R.

ht 1981

Greece is Europe’s most seismically active country and absorbs half of the continent’s seismic energy.The experience we derived from the Thessaloniki earthquake in 1978 allowed us to confront the far more demanding situation that occurred three years later by the earthquakes in Athens on the 24th & 25th of February 1981, which caused enormous property damages and more than 20 deaths, as the capital’s intense urban growth resulted in the highest index of losses.E.N. MANOS Ltd was once again involved in many claims in the city of Athens & supported the insurance companies with great success.


The 3rd generation & the beginning of a fruitful collaboration.

ht 1981_2

Nikolaos E. Manos succeeds his father Emmanouil N. Manos as Managing Director of E.N. MANOS Ltd.After completing his technical studies in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering in TU Berlin, he had the vision & the hard mission of the geographical expansion of the company & the enrichment of the company in-house scientific staff with dynamic & specialized technical executives.During his successful career the company was recognized internationally by the insurance market as a leader in handling complex technical claims and furthermore established offices in Cyprus, Turkey, Bahrain, Romania & Russia.In 1982 a large fire loss took place in a tomato processing factory that was re-insured by Munich Reinsurance. E.N. MANOS Ltd was assigned the claim handling. This was the beginning of a fruitful collaboration with Munich Reinsurance Company, based on highest technical standards & mutual trust.



E.N. MANOS Cyprus Ltd & Ioannis Theodosiou.

ht 1998

Ε.Ν. ΜΑΝΟS Ltd was established in Cyprus in 1998 by Nikolaos E. Manos.Ιn 1999, Mr. Ioannis Theodosiou joined E.N.MANOS (Cyprus) Ltd, Surveyors/Loss Adjusters as Managing Director of the company, position he holds to date.Ioannis during his career joined the top executives & further enriched the company’s expertise by handling together with our team of in-house experts the majority of the significant insurance claims in Cyprus with the largest being the explosion at the Vasilikos Power Station in July 2011.He is currently involved in claims and surveys in the Gulf, North Africa, Romania, Russia & Greece.


The most devastating earthquake in Athens, 5.9R.

ht 1998

1999 earthquake in Athens (5, 9 R, distance 18km) had the highest mortality index as well as the highest index of losses, as a result of the expanse and type of urban growth of the city of Athens.The earthquake resulted in a widespread structural damage, mainly to the nearby towns of Ano Liossia, Acharnes, Fyli & Thrakomakedones as well as to the northern Athenian suburbs of Kifissia, Metamorfosi, Kamatero & Nea Philadelphia.More than 100 buildings (including three major industrial facilities) across those areas collapsed trapping victims under their rubble while dozens more were severely damaged. Overall, 143 people lost their lives and more than 2,000 were treated for injuries in what eventually became Greece's deadliest natural disaster in almost half a century.Ε. N. MANOS Ltd experience & technical knowledge piled up, undertook and successfully handled a vast amount of losses in a very short period of time under very difficult circumstances.



Limassol, Cyprus – Tornado, NAT CAT.

ht 2003

On 27th of January 2003 at around 9 a.m., an unusually powerful tornado struck the island of Cyprus, sweeping through the coastal city of Limassol, extensively damaging retail shops & homes, uprooting trees, tearing apart roofs & overturning vehicles.The enormous storm marked the first of its kind to hit the Middle East and Cyprus. The tornado caused extensive damages to several areas in Limassol.Our office in Cyprus was in charge of the majority of the insured claims in the entire area and had allocated expert teams of loss adjusters in order to handle simultaneously the large number of cases.


2004 Olympics Games - A lifetime experience!

ht 2004

The 2004 Olympics was a major investment in Greece in the 20th century (Metro construction, Attiki Odos, roads, bridges, stadium constructions, buildings etc.).E.N. MANOS Ltd was appointed as loss adjuster & risk surveyor in many of these construction projects & furthermore adjusted many CAR claims during the construction period which lasted for more than 6 years before 2004 Olympic Games.The enrichment of our experience & expertise in handling claims & risk surveys of complex construction projects in fields other than catastrophic incidents exceeded our expectations.



Nicosia, Cyprus the most devastating flood.

ht 2005

On the 31st of May 2005 a severe rainfall caused urban flooding in the city of Nicosia in Cyprus. The amount of the water due to the heavy rainfall reached the 74mm & the Fire Brigade received more than 300 emergency calls.A large number of losses were caused by the devastating floods throughout the city & once more our in-house experts at E.N. MANOS (Cyprus) Ltd handled numerous claims cases in a short period of time.E.N. MANOS Ltd contingency planning was fully implemented in order to deal with a large volume of claims, by organizing expert teams in order to assess many losses simultaneously & time efficiently for our clients.


The following generation - Emmanouil N. Manos.

ht 2006

Emmanouil N. Manos, after completing his Mechanical Engineering & Financial studies in London-UK, continued his technical & insurance studies at Munich Re in Munich, Bavaria.In 2006, he joined the company work force in order to continue the mission of the three former generations, actively participating in the field of loss adjusting & risk surveying in Greece & Cyprus.Emmanouil, currently holds the position of the Managing Director of E.N. MANOS Ltd, succeeding his father Nikolaos E. Manos.



Catastrophic fire in Peloponnese, South Greece.

ht 2007

In the summer of 2007 more than 120 villages were partly or entirely destroyed by the most disastrous fire of all time in Peloponnese, South Greece.The consequences of the fire were devastating & many inhabitants evacuated their properties for safety precaution.A vast amount of these claim cases were dealt by E.N. MANOS Ltd qualified adjusting teams who inspected hundreds of residential properties, infrastructure projects & agricultural facilities in the region under difficult & dangerous circumstances.


Earthquake of 6,5R in West Peloponnese.

ht 2008

The following year an earthquake of shallow focal depth with Andravida as the epicenter destroyed many villages in West Peloponnese.E.N. MANOS Ltd dealt with a large amount of building collapses & losses in infrastructure projects, by immobilizing not only from Patra’s office but also by organizing many small expert adjusting teams from the company’s in-house workforce to deal successfully with the large geographical spread of the losses in the region.



The largest fire claim in Romanian Insurance Market.

ht 2011

Dragonul Rosu is one of the largest Shopping Mall’s in Bucharest with a total build area of 15.000 m2. The Mall hosts more than 4.000 shops, including restaurants, parking areas & leisure facilities.Beginning of the year 2011 a fire was originated in the storage area of the Mall, causing extensive scale damages to the shopping center structure. The mall operation was also interrupted.E.N. MANOS Ltd was appointed as loss adjuster for the settlement of the loss in the largest fire claim of the Romanian insurance market since 2011, which was adjusted at around 20 million Euros.


Electricity Authority of Cyprus (AHK) - Explosion

ht 2012

On the 11th of July 2011, a total of 98 containers of munitions stored at Evangelos Florakis Naval Base adjacent to Vasilikos Power Station with a total capacity of 860MW was exploded.The huge explosion caused extensive damages to Vasilikos Power Station which was the newest power plant of Electricity Authority of Cyprus (AHK). To cope with the extended loss of its largest power station, the Authority had to impose rolling blackouts.E.N. MANOS Ltd was nominated Loss Adjuster for the settlement of the loss, which was finalized in 2012 and was amounted in 154 million Euros.The B.I. loss was estimated at 300 million Euros, but it was not indemnified.



The farewell to a great man 1946-2014

ht 2014

Nikolaos E. Manos was the main shareholder & Managing Director of the company in Greece, Cyprus & Turkey for more than 35 years.During his successful career E.N. MANOS Ltd was established internationally as a high quality technical expert in the field of Loss Adjusting & Surveying.E.N. MANOS Ltd is to date the only Hellenic Loss Adjusting firm which has established offices in Cyprus, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Bahrain.His morality, his humanitarian activity & his technical expertise is the luxuriant heritage that he left behind for us to follow.We Love you, we Thank you & we will always Remember you!


Earthquakes of 5.8R & 5.2R in Kefalonia.

ht 2014b

On the 26th of January 2014, two powerful Earthquakes shook the island of Kefalonia at the Ionian Sea, Western Greece.The first earthquake occurred at 3:56 p.m. with a magnitude of 5.8R, while the second took place at 8:45 p.m. with a magnitude of 5.2R. The temblor's epicenter was near the town of Lixouri on the island & its depth was 11 miles based on the Athens Geodynamic Institute.E.N. MANOS Ltd was appointed as loss adjuster for the majority of the claims in the entire are & coordinated expert team units across the island in order to inspect simultaneously a large volume of claims.



1955 - 2015: 60 years E.N. MANOS Ltd

ht 2015


2016 - Druckfarben Fire Loss:

ht 2016



2017 – Catastrophic floods in Mantra-Athens:

ht 2017


2018 - Devastating Fire in Kinetta & Mati:

ht 2018



2019 - Earthquake 5.1 Richter in Athens:

ht 2019


2020 – 65 Years, 1955 – 2020:

ht 2020


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