Forensics Services

Forensics Services

Our qualified team of experts together with our network of external collaborators enables E.N. MANOS Ltd to offer specialized services in the field of forensic investigation to the insurance professions.

Our ability to provide expertise in the field of forensic science by using a range of analytical technique such as microscopy, spectroscopy, chromatography and the interpretation of the results can assist us in the investigation of complex cases where sophisticated analysis is needed.

All the above, combined with our extended insurance knowledge and our expertise in the field of loss adjustment can assist our clients with decisions on policy liability, breach of warranties, breach of policy conditions and recovery. Acting on the results of our investigations, clients can decide which is the preferred path to proceed with their claim case with the best possible result.

Our forensic services include:

  • Fire & Explosion Investigations
    Investigation of fires and/or explosions in order to determine origin and cause as well as liability for the loss. Our team investigates among others residential, commercial, industrial fires and fires occurring in construction sites and machinery.

  • Personal Injuries & Accidents at Work
    Investigation of the circumstances that lead to an injury and/or accident, scene reconstruction, and scientific analysis of available evidence, aiming to determine the primary and contributory cause, as well as liability for the accident/injury. A compliance check with codes and regulations is also a part of our investigations.

  • Engineering Failures & Accidents
    Investigation of loss incidents and/or accidents arising from an engineering failure. Post failure examination of engineering components is performed in order to deduce the cause of the failure. Our investigations are conducted in sectors like mechanical, process, chemical, structural and electrical/electronic engineering.

  • Forensic Accounting
    We offer specialised services in the field of business interruption and loss of profits claims (consequential loss). Our highly qualified team together with a network of units specializing in investigative accounting can investigate and analyse financial evidence and review financial circumstances in suspected cases (e.g. arson).

  • Digital Forensic Services
    The examination of computers, mobile phones and other digital devices can result in the retrieval of valuable information/data that can effectively be used in the investigation of cases involving fraud. Even after data is deleted from devices it is possible to be recovered and assist investigators to identify those responsible and effectively prove their connection in a fraudulent case. We have a network of collaborators specializing in the field which can help us in examining such devices, and also provide opinion on digital or analogue recordings from video or CCTV.

  • Financial Fraud & Fidelity Investigations
    This type of investigation can be conducted in conjunction with forensic accounting and also our digital forensic services. However, there are much more than can be done to reveal a fraud, such as the examination of questioned documents, identification of writing, and identification of forged signatures. There are specialized examination techniques that can be used to investigate and prevent financial fraud, whether this is done internally or externally in an organization.

  • Technical Litigation Support
    As a fulfilment of our investigations we can provide technical litigation support to our clients. Our aim is to settle any dispute before it goes to court and we can help by attending pre-trial meetings of opposite sides or meeting of experts. If the dispute will be resolved in court we can act as expert witnesses by preparing effective reports and presenting oral evidence in court. The same applies if a dispute is resolved in arbitration or mediation. We can assist lawyers by providing technical input for the case in order for them to prepare the right questions for cross-examination.

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